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Maths Works! (2nd Edition) is an instructional package written according to the latest Mathematics Foundation Syllabus set by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. This 2-level series is designed to meet the learning needs of pupils who require greater support when learning mathematics.

Features of the 6A and 6B coursebooks:

  • Simple and clear explanations help pupil learn new concepts more easily
  • Familiar scenarios and interesting daily examples enable pupils to experience the Mathematics that exists in their environment
  • Focus on estimation, rounding off and mental calculation help pupils with calculator use
  • Selected teaching points and questions encourage pupils to develop conceptual understanding before drill-and-practice activities
  • A summary of the key points at the end of each unit helps pupils to recall and remember key ideas
  • Topical reviews provide practice and consolidation of new concepts

Through hands-on-activities, visual scaffolding and integrated reviews, incorporation the concrete to pictorial to abstract approach, Math Works! offers a meaningful and engaging learning experience, enabling pupils to view Mathematics as an active and relevant subject.

Above extract is adapted from the back cover of Math Works! 6 coursebook.

Components of Math Works! 6:

  • Coursebooks 6A and 6B (A for first semester, B for second semester)
  • Activity Books 6A part 1, 6A part 2, 6B part 1, 6B part 2
  • Teacher’s Guides 6A and 6B

Answers to the problems are found only in the Teacher’s Guides; there are no answers in the coursebooks.

Our recommendation:
This series can be used for students who struggle with Primary Mathematics or who need easier problems and more re-teaching and review of concepts covered at earlier levels of Primary Mathematics.

Note: This series has not been adapted for the U.S. and so has British spelling and conventions and does not include U.S. standard measurement units. This second edition is based on Singapore’s 2007 syllabus which now permits the use of the calculator, and this level includes extensive use of the calculator. Students are told to use a calculator for addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers. They are not taught how to multiply or divide by a 2-digit number at this level and are instead instructed to use the calculator for these types of calculations. Some topics in the Primary Mathematics series are not covered. Please see the table of contents for information on what topics are covered.

Math Works 6B Coursebook Contents

  1. Geometry and Construction

    I recall
    Sum of Angles of a Triangle
    Right-angled Triangles
    Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
    Drawing Triangles

  2. Perimeter and Area

    Perimeter of a Triangle
    Base and Height of a Triangle
    Finding the Area of a Triangle
    Perimeter and Area of Composite Figures

  3. Volume

    Volume of a Cuboid
    Litres, Millilitres and Cubic Centimetres
    Word Problems

  • Revision C

    4 Problem Solving
    Problem Solving 1
    Problem Solving 2
    Problem Solving 3
    Problem Solving 4

  • Revision D



Chapter 1 Geometry: Sum of Angles of a Triangle
Chapter 1 Geometry: Sum of Angles of a Triangle
Chapter 3 Volume – Word Problems

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