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The 2nd edition of My Pals are Here International Science offers a focus on awareness, collaboration, and critical and inventive thinking using an inquiry-based approach. The program is for grades 1-6 and based on the principles of engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, and evaluation.

There is now one Textbook, Activity Book, and Teacher’s Guide per grade (as compared to the A and B books in the first edition).

The Teacher’s Guide contains recommendations for number of lessons and time per lesson, as well as learning objectives, suggested resources, and vocabulary focus. Detailed lesson plans are included. While many of the activities are group focused, homeschooling families should easily be able to modify for one or two students. If you are familiar with the 1st edition, you will notice the 2nd edition no longer includes the student pages.

Our recommendation:
The teacher’s guide is a valuable resource both for school and home use. It includes detailed lesson plans, lists of material for each lesson as well as suggestions on where to obtain them, time needed, and all answers to the questions in both textbook and workbook. It also includes background information for the teacher, common misconceptions, enrichment activities for advanced learners and reinforcement for struggling learners and links to pertinent internet sites. If using this in a home setting, some adaptation will be needed with the group activities. British English is used.

Note that the 1st Edition and 2nd Edition books of My Pals Are Here Science are not interchangeable.

Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Skeletal and Muscular Systems
Unit 2: The Respiratory System
Unit 3: The Digestive System
Unit 4: The Circulatory System
Unit 5: Cells
Unit 6: Healthy Diet
Unit 7: Photosynthesis
Unit 8: Ecosystems
Unit 9: Heat Transfer
Unit 10: Physical and Chemical Changes
Unit 11: Materials and their Properties
Unit 12: The Water Cycle